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About the Department Research in our institution plays a vital role and it provides an opportunity to grow intellectually in the chosen field. The unquenchable thirst for knowledge is the basic principle of any research. The research reflects on the quality of teaching in the classroom which benefits the students. The research opens new avenues […]

About the Department The research department strives with an objective of promoting the noblest profession of all and also research in the avenue of commerce. The research scholars are encouraged to undergo research with social relevance on the contemporary topics. The scholars are also motivated to become employable and eligible to meet the expectations of […]

About the Department  The department of Criminology is a recent evolving path which is established to impart theoretical and practical understanding of crime, crime prevention, police administration, correctional institutions and other related areas. The department of Criminology offers undergraduate course in Criminology and Police Administration. The department focus on the young generation to get involved […]

About the Department The Department of French exists since 2007. Objective of Department Association: To popularize the French language and developing talent and self confidence in learning a continental language. Number of Rank Holders from the Inception: 18

About the Department The department of Sanskrit exists since 2005. The department tap their inner talents of students by conducting various events and projects. Objective of Department Association: The Objective of the department is to inculcate the fundamental knowledge about Sanskrit and tech them the linguistic skills of the same. Number of Rank Holders from […]

About the Department The department of Tamil functions since the inception of the college. Dr. V. Arasu, Head of the department of Tamil, University of Madras inaugurated the “Vasavi Tamil Illakkiya Mandram. Objective of Department Association: The main focus of the Tamil Association is to tap the talent of the student by providing a proper […]

About the Department The Department of Hindi exists since 2000. The department has secured several University ranks till date. Association activities Lehar Hindi Association are held consistently to trigger the latest potentials of all the students. Students actively participate in Inter Collegiate events and have secured prizes too. Objective of Department Association: The main aim […]

About the Department The Department of Telugu exists since the inception of the college. Currently the total numbers of students are 32. Number of Top ten University Rank Holders from the Inception: 100

About the Department Honours the name itself holds pride. This road of Honours takes you away from the routine and enables you to be different. This Honours in commerce touches the nuances of commerce and enriches you with the profound knowledge of the subject. It elevates you to high positions in its own discipline. The […]

About the Department Department of Business administration was started in the year of 1999. The department incorporates some of the best features of management education to equip the students to face the challenges of the unpredictable business environment. The department has also produced continuous university ranks in every batch. Objective of Department Association The department […]