Institutional Distinctiveness

Institutional Distinctiveness for 2019-2020

To inculcate the Indian traditional and cultural values among the students Pongal and Navarathri is celebrated in grand manner. In the academic year 2019-2020 the pongal celebration was inaugurated by Actress Ms. Gayathri Raguram. The college premises depicted the life of Indian village in a miniature form. The farmers and weavers from Thirupukuzhi were honored and students donated Rs. 70, 000/- to each of them (Farmers and Weavers). Kids from Balavikar Mentally challenged home ‘and representatives from TCS, Chennai National Hospital, Traffic Police and Post Office were invited and honoured. Competitions and Folk Dances were organized. During ‘Navarathri’ students gave Cultural performance at Sri Kanyaka Parameswari Temple and on the last day of Navarathri participated in Parvattai. The SKPC staff and students extend their knowledge service to fulfill the needs and requirements of the girls belonging to SRS Sarvodhaya Girls Hostel who are from the poorest strata of society. so that they will be able to face the Global Challenges. The activities for the Sarvodhaya girls are: Tuitions, skill training programme, awareness programme, counselling and career guidance. This is exclusively taken as an institutional social responsibility. Six days orientation programme is conducted in the beginning of the academic year. As communication is a continuous process, on every working day 6 minutes from each major and allied period is allotted for enhancing the communication skill wherein students have to talk in English for a minute on any topic. Apart from this MHRD certified Communication skills certificate course is provided to all the second year students. FEED THE NEED project was initiated wherein weekly once food packets are distributed to the needy people. In random the needy people who cannot even afford to earn and make their living due to physical and mental challenges are identified and the food packets are distributed to them by the students. The food for this purpose is prepared in the temple Anna Chatram. Identifying the needy is a real time constrain. Students find difficulty during distribution as the food packets are demanded by people who actually don’t need it. (ex. auto drivers , rickshaw pullers), in spite of such difficulties the students take full effort to reach the real destitute who are in the road sides. Precautionary observations are made in identifying the needy. In a week approximately 85 food packets are distributed. Under Project Drop a Fruit Biscuits, Every Friday students and staff drop a fruit and biscuit in a box which is donated to an orphanages and Old Age Home.