The Logo Is Designed With Banyan Tree, And Birds Flying Back To The Nest That Symbolises Homecoming

The Alumnae Day Will Be Celebrated Every Year On The Oct 2nd


  • Nestor” Is A Greek Word Which Means Home Coming
  • The Alumnae Association Is Named Kanyaka Nestor To Bring In The Concept Of Homecoming
  • The Name Signifies, Our College As The Second Home For Alumnae And Their Coming Back As Home Coming

Inception :

  • The Association Was Inaugurated On Oct 2nd 2007 And Alumnae Day Was Celebrated.
  • Two Hundred Old Students Attended The Meet And Registered Themselves As The Members Of The Association.
  • The Association’s Executive Body With 13 Representatives From The Alumnae were Elected

Objectives :

  • To Take Lot Of Efforts To Strengthen The Alumnae Association
  • To Establish Professional Network With The Alumnae
  • To Render Support To The College Placement Cell By Linking Corporate To The Institution Through Alumnae Network
  • To Provide Placement Support To Alumnae Through College Placement Cell
  • To Help Students For Their Academic Projects

Meetings :

  • The Alumnae Executive Body Will Meet Twice In A Month To Plan Their Actions.

Membership :

  • Each Member Has To Pay An Yearly Subscription Of Rs 50/- Towards Membership Fees

Alumnae Day :

  • The Alumnae Day Will Be Celebrated Every Year On The Oct 2nd.