Interior Design and Decor

The department of Interior design and décor develops and advances the interior design discipline through excellence in practical and working knowledge for equipping the students.
This department consists of four laboratories to meet the demands of students from very beginning level to advanced level. The laboratories are Interior Design lab,  Textiles lab, Studio Lab and AutoCAD lab.

Interior Design Lab

Interior design is the process of shaping the experience of interior space, through the manipulation of spatial volume as well as surface treatment. Not to be confused with interior decoration, interior design draws on aspects of architecture, product design and furniture design in addition to traditional decoration. This course requires creativity and innovation consistently come up with new ideas. It integrates the application of knowledge synthesized from different science and humanities to improve the furnishing fabrics with furniture, table appointments and furniture arrangement with lighting and accessories. Students learn basics of Architecture; Sketching & Drawing; Lighting & Decoration; Sourcing of materials; Attitudes, lifestyles and cultural preferences of respective clients; and Portfolio presentation. Students will be encouraged to do many projects at the same time keeping in mind the hobbies, habits and budget of prospective clients.

Textiles Lab

The course covers the theoretical and practical aspects of textile in the light of syllabus requirements and is suitable for those who wish to make a career in fabric and textile industry. Fabric Structure and Design Lab also includes all necessary equipments required. After finishing the course student can opt for career in Textile Industry as Textile Designer, Colourist, and Dyeing and Printing entrepreneur.

Studio Lab

Well equipped interior design studio is there for students to get the exposure of technical drawing also known as drafting along with the standards and conventions for layout plans. Working on these drafting tables helps the student to get accurate line thickness, text size, symbols, view projections, descriptive geometry, dimensioning and notation.

Auto CAD Lab

College has computer lab in which the students are trained to use computers for design and house plans. Facilities are provided for making real time models. The lab is equipped with softwares such as AUTOCAD. By using CAD the professional designers can do the designing work faster thus the students overall requirement of the number of designers reduces.