Interior Design and Decor

The curriculum of Interior Design and Decor is multidisciplinary and has an enriched syllabus. Besides concentrating in design of interior spaces it also covers the field of textiles design. The department is equipped with 4 labs namely Drafting lab, AutoCAD lab, ID lab and Textile lab. The curriculum offers a wide range of career opportunities not only in the field of interior design but also in fashion design, architecture, landscape design, textile design, graphic design and so on.


The curriculum paves way for the students to inculcate innovative ideas in the field of interior design. Even though the world has become computerized the best way of expressing one’s idea is through creative minds and aesthetic sense. Drafting lab is provided for drafting practices in order to make the students learn and explore different drafting techniques, rendering methods and instruments used to express their innovative design ideas. The lab is fully equipped with quite a number of drafting boards and other requirement instruments like T scale, set of scales, set square and other instruments.





The traditional drafting of design by hand is replaced by the use of Computer aided design shortly termed as CAD. 3D models of both interiors and exteriors of a building give shape to the ideas originated in the minds of our young designers. The institution provides a fully equipped AutoCAD lab for the students to incorporate digital 3D modeling thereby giving shape to their ideas. The experience offers opportunities for the students in 3D modelling, furniture design and graphic design.




Interior design lab shortly termed as ID lab explores and incorporates modern design ideas in the interior. ID lab pictures the spatial arrangement of residence incorporating design principles. The interiors facilitate the students to understand the spatial arrangement in the residences. Been renovated in 2015, the lab is designed and furnished matching the current trends in the field of interior design. Students experimented their ideas in the designing process. The mural painting in the bedroom, TV wall unit and accessories adorning the walls and shelves are all the works of our students. This experience adds value to their placement opportunities.






Clothing and Textiles have been the fundamental part of human life since the beginning of civilization. The curriculum offers opportunities for the students to experiment in the field of textile and clothing.  The textile lab is fully equipped with necessary machineries and instruments for the students to explore the world of clothing and textiles that can be used in interiors as curtains, bedspreads, pillow covers and upholstery. The lab comprises an embroidery machine along with sewing machines. The experience in this field offers placement opportunities in garment design, textile industries and as designers in reputed textile showrooms.