Nakshathra Students’ Council

Nakshathra Students’ Council (NSC) of SKPC is a team of student representatives for curricular or extracurricular activities for students. The purpose of the Student Council is to serve as a channel through which the student community can put forward their opinions and concerns. The Student Council shall continuously work to identify student-related issues and help to resolve them, thus building a healthy environment and all round development of the students.

Functions of the Student Council:

The Student Council shall function under the guidance of the Principal as the President and two faculty as Vice President & Secretary representing in the council as advisors.

  1. Serve as the main forum of expression of student
  2. Be in continuous touch with the students and administration to act as an
  3. Guide and check the functioning of the various clubs under the Student Council.

Objectives of Student Council Cell:

  1. To officially represent all the departments in the
  2. To identify and help to solve problems encountered by
  3. To communicate its opinion to the administration on any matter that concerns students and on which the council wishes to be
  4. To promote and encourage the involvement of students in organizing college

Roles and Responsibilities of the Student Council:

  1. To organise general assembly once in a week to inform the important informations & to share the achievements of the staff & students.
  2. To inform students about any subject that concerns them
  3. To consult students on any issue of
  4. To organize educational and recreational activities for
  5. To participate in developing the educational projects and to promote the same amongst the
  6. To maintain good relations with the teaching and supporting
  7. To maintain discipline in the college campus.


Criteria for Selection of Students’ Council:

  1. Members of the Students’ Council shall consist of students of various
  2. A personal interview is conducted by a panel, comprising Principal, Vice Principals, and Head of all departments.
  3. A candidate for the council is selected on the basis of their overall performance in the
  4. Clubs & Association Student Secretaries is selected by the concerned Clubs & Association Staff In-charges.


  • The student representatives on the Student Council shall hold the portfolio for that particular academic


Working Guidelines for Student Council:

  1. Views of all members of Student Council, faculty and student alike – are to be respected and equal importance is to be given to all views.
  2. The Student Council Cell shall meet at least twice during a
  3. The Student Council shall take decisions by
  4. Student representatives participate and contribute in various administrative bodies like Anti- Drug, National Service Scheme, Rotaract Club, Karuna Club, Youth Red Cross, Eco Club, Citizen Consumer Club, and Young
  5. Actions will be taken if any complaints received regarding Anti Ragging & Grievances through Redressal



1. 13.04.2023 Prema sakhi
2. 30.04.2023 Vasavi jayathi
3. 03.07.2023 Fresher’s day
4. 15.07.2023 Kamarajar Birth Anniversary Celebration
5. 28.07.2023 NSC Inauguration
6. 28.07.2023 Support to Survival Project(SSP)
7. 15.8.2023 Independence day Celebration
8. 16.8.2023 & 17.08.2023 International youth day Swami Vivekanandha Book Fair
9. 21.08.2023 Vaikam Protest Speech Competition
10. 28.08.2023 Onam Celebration
11. 07.09.2023 Ganesh Chaturthi and Janmashtmi
12. 08.09.2023 Teacher’s Day Celebration
13. 15.09.2023 Social Justice Day Pledge
14. 10.10.2023 Importance of voting Poster Making Competition
15. 12.10.2023 An Insight of Right to Information Act-Awareness Program
16. 13.10.2023 Dr. A.P.J.Abdul Kalam Birth Anniversary-Youth Awakening Day
17. 18.10.2023 Fire Safety Awareness Program
18. 14.10.2023 to 24.10.2023 Navratri Celebration
19. 26.10.2023 Vaikam Protest Essay writing Competition
20. 30.10.2023 Vigilance Awareness week Pledge
21. 31.10.2023 National Unity Day Pledge
22. 2.11.2023 Vigilance Awareness week Program
23. 04.01.2024 & 05.01.2024 Housie-Housie game for staff and students
24. 10.01.2024 Samathuva Pongal Celebration
25. 12.01.2024 Kalam’s World Record -Thiruvalluvar formation
26. 19.01.2024 Vaikam Protest Quiz Competition
27. 25.01.2024 National Voter’s Day Pledge
28. 26.01.2024 Republic day Celebration
29. 06.02.2024 Vaikam Protest Seminar
30. 08.03.2024 Valedictory & Women’s day Celebration
31. Thanks giving day