SKPC Scholarship

Endowments: The SKPC SILVER JUBILEE AKSHAYA ENDOWMENT FUNDS are dedicated to helping meritorious students from economically weaker sections to thrive academically and achieve their goals. On 18/05/2024, the Management of SKPC awarded the first endowment-funded free seat to Ms P.Rakshitha ( B.COM (CS)) and also awarded meritorious scholarship to Ms A.Nihaa( B Com , (General) )

Free Seats: Every year, SKPC Management offers 5 free seats to ensure access to education for students from economically disadvantaged backgrounds.

Fee Concessions:

– Upto 50% fee concession for meritorious students who have secured more than 95% in their plus two examinations.

– 30% fee concession for students opting for Telugu as their second language.

– Upto 100% fee concession for students excelling in sports.

Access to Scholarships: SKPC also facilitates access to scholarships from governmental, charitable, and private entities, ensuring financial support for deserving students.

Through these initiatives, SKPC creates a nurturing environment where every student can thrive academically and personally, regardless of their socio-economic background and all the students of SKPC are placed in good position through the SKPC Placement consortium.