About the Department

The Department of English was inaugurated in the year 2015 basing an active and diverse research culture encompassing theoretical and applied aspects of English Language and Literature. A caring and motivating student/staff community enables a holistic atmosphere helping the wards to meet their genuine expectations on time. The students are exposed to the multi-layered prospects of the language English thereby rewiring their minds to envision the impeccable world of Literature which kindles their passion to be limitless. The Department also enlists a number of Extra-curricular programs apart from the academics to make sure that every student turns dynamic to face the world once they leave the college with their respective degrees.

Objective of Department Association

To Provide Career opportunities for B.A English Literature students in the following areas

  • Many English students find that their advanced language abilities (Writing, Editing and Publishing) place themselves to a wide range of writing and publishing careers.
  • The Students could get into business organizations, helping with newsletters, public relations, marketing and direct services related to information design.
  • They could also get into the computer industry and work as technical writers or content developers for consumers of software products.
  • Some students majored English could directly get placed into publishing and editing – getting on at a magazine or book publisher. This career path often requires some experience in marketing and public relations as well as advanced copy editing abilities.
  • And of course, many English majors pursue creative writing as a supplement to another career area, or if they are successful in gaining a broad readership, they become a professional writer making their living through creative works.
  • English students with journalism experience find numerous opportunities for working in organizations, businesses, and government or for news media.
  • The UG degree holders of English are eligible to face Government competitive examinations. The interested students may pursue their Post-graduation to increase their caliber in the respective subject.

Number of Top ten University Rank Holders from the Inception : 2


Department Activities
Ms. S.Jayalakshmi
Ms. S.Jayalakshmi
Head of the Department. - M.A., B.Ed., M.Phil., with NET
Department Activities